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May. 1st, 2011

Just did a big friends cut - I never use this journal anymore anyway except as a private log of twitter posts and a way to read communities, so don't worry about it, lol.

Sep. 19th, 2005

As this is now a friends only journal (as of this entry), this shouldn't come as a surprise: Anon comments are now OFF.

If you get banned from commenting on someone's journal, TAKE THE FUCKING HINT and go away. Loser.

A public addendum to my last post

Daniel: If you're reading this, fuck off and stop harrassing me and my family. My mother's not stupid enough to believe the fucking lies you tell her.

Edit: This journal is now FRIENDS ONLY. 100%. Period. I'll be doing a cut later, comment if you don't want to be cut and think I might.

Edit 2: I know what's going on now. If my friends could avoid talking about me in public entries, it would be very much appreciated. Thanks. All previous things still stand. When I find out who's gossipping about my life, you're getting your ass kicked.


Ok, look. I know you're pissed off at me, because of some psychotic illusions you've got in your head. IM me all the fuck you want, threaten to come to my house, threaten to "kick my ass" at Otakon, do whatever. But get the fuck off my Livejournal, because it's just fucking annoying to have to delete your shit. If you're going to post here, use your goddamn name. It's not my fault you're such a childish little brat, scared that people might know who you really are.

I am not in a good mood. In fact, here's a challenge for you, little girl. I'm going to be in the city for a day once I get back from Japan. Based on talking to you, and on various IPs I've collected through your comments and IMs, I'm going to assume you're from somewhere reasonably nearby. Come meet me on July 5th. You decide where, and I'll find it. We'll fucking settle this. No, I'm not going to fight you, because grown-ups don't do that shit, but I'll be damned if I'm going to just sit around and keep blocking your IM names one after another. Come the fuck out from behind the mask of anonymity and say what you've got to say to me for real.

You think I'm weak because I angst and cry. I think these things make me strong. If you really think you have any sort of true point to prove by harrassing me, come and prove it.

All anon comments will be screened from now on.

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